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      On January 31, 1936, the Green Hornet radio program aired on WXYZ in Detroit, Michigan. Al Hodge played the part of the Green Hornet from 1936 through January of 1943. The program was created by George W. Trendle, the same man associated with the creation of the Lone Ranger radio show. The premise of the Green Hornet was that of a modern day Lone Ranger. The main character was Britt Reid, a newspaper publisher of the Daily Sentinel by day and the Green Hornet by night.


The Green Hornet Vol. 1                                       $3.99
1. Parking Lot Racket
2. S is his Name

The Green Hornet Vol. 2                                       $3.99
1. Votes For Sale
2. The Highway that Graft Built

The Green Hornet Vol. 3                                       $3.99
1. Walkout For Profit
2. Murder Across

The Green Hornet Vol. 4                                       $3.99
1. Bid and Asked
2. Reservoir For Murder

The Green Hornet Vol. 5                                           $3.99
1. Charity Takes it On
2. Invasion Plans

The Green Hornet Vol. 6                                       $3.99
1. A Slip of the Lip
2. Murder Trips a Rat

The Green Hornet Vol. 7                                      $3.99
1. Torpedo on Wheels
2. Sabotage Finds a Name

The Green Hornet Vol. 8                                        $3.99
1. The Corpse that Wasn't here
2. Paroled for Revenge

The Green Hornet Vol. 9                                       $3.99
1. Black Market For Profit
2. Unexpected Meeting

The Green Hornet Vol. 10                                      $3.99
1. The Stuffed Panda
2. Hot Money and Death

The Green Hornet Vol. 11                                     $3.99
1. Murder and Dope Rack
2. What Price is Glamour

The Green Hornet Vol. 12                                    $3.99
1. Ballots and Bluff
2. The Hornet Drops

The Green Hornet Vol. 13                                       $3.99
1. The Cat With Nine Lives
2. Super Highway Robbery

The Green Hornet Vol. 14                                      $3.99
1. Protection Incorperation
2. The Voice

The Green Hornet Vol. 15                                     $3.99
1. Paid in full
2. When Money Talks

The Green Hornet Vol 16                                      $3.99
1.  The Boathouse Mystery
2. The Turban of Jarpur

The Green Hornet Vol. 17                                     $3.99
1. George Haven's Secretary
2. The Escape for Revenge

The Green Hornet Vol. 18                                      $3.99
1. The Washington Story
2. The Women in the Case

The Green Hornet Vol. 19                                     $3.99
1. A Soldier and His Dog
2. The Last of Oliver Perry

The Green Hornet Vol. 20                                     $3.99
1. A Question of Time
2. The Letter